usb unknown device, device not recognized

Hello, I don't know what to do. I have a Dell Pentium 4, diminsion 3000, Windows xp home edition. When I plug in my new Mobiblu cube mp3 player I get a - USB device not recognized, then says one of the USB devices attached has malfunctioned, and is not recognized. Device manager lists it as an unknown device, its properties say that no driver is installed, even though I used the enclosed software, & downloaded drivers from their site. I've tried every USB port, unplugged every other device, uninstalled, reinstalled, every thing I could think of. (Which, let me add, wasn’t much.)I've tried the MP3 at a friends, who has the exact same Dell as I, same thing happened. Then another friends HP, worked automatically. I really cant remember, if I followed the order of what to pull in where and in what order, the same. Ex: plug USB cord  into computer then into player.  So any way, I called Mobiblu’s contact number and they said they have heard of people with dells having problems and to talk to Dell. So I talked to dells hardware tech support, no help. They advised me to call their "million dollar an hour" software support line.
 I don’t follow a lot of what I’ve  been reading, trying to find answers myself; support - forums.  So talk slowly, ok!      tmtomuchgugg
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Hi tmtomuchgugg,

You've done almost everything I would suggest, almost.  Try this...

Turn off the PC.  Unplug every USB thingie including kb and mouse if they are USB.  Unplug network cable and monitor!  And most important: Unplug AC power cord to PC.  Let the whole unplugged mess sit for an hour.  Then plug up everything except the mp3 player and fire it up.  Once it's booted, plug the MP3 player into one of the USB ports on the BACK of the computer.  I've had 10 tons of problems with the front panel USB ports on Dell boxes.  This process may work because CMOS remembers the ID of problem USB devices.  This is outside of the OS and is part of the hardware.  If something goes wrong the very first time you plug in a USB device the PC is going to flag that device as bad.  The only way to reset this is to unplug everything, especially power, and make the PC sit in the timeout corner for an hour or so.  Really!

The only other advice I can offer is that if you have another external USB disk, your MP3 player may not play nice with it on your Dell system.  I have a LaCie Big Disk USB external drive.  I have to unplug it from the USB cable if I want to use any of my other external USB gadgets including my IPod Shuffle, my Archos Jukebox, and my Plextor DVD Writer.

Good Luck,

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Also... One fix that is a crappy workaround on Dells is to disable the 'enhanced Intel USB 2.0 Controller' in device manager.  This means you only get USB 1.0, sloooow.  But the issue is that Dells with this high falutin USB 2 controller have flaky power delivery to the USB ports.  Most MP3 devices need high power on the USB connection and the Dells don't deliver because their drivers improperly sense the device's power needs.   The short-term workaround may be to disable the 2.0 USB, falling back to 1.0 which is dumb and always supplies high power.  Then, if you like your Dell except for its stupid USB ports, you can get a USB add-in card that's smarter.  Or you can hook up an AC powered USB 2 hub and re-enable the Dell USB 2.  The hub will supply high power to your MP3 gadget and all should be right in the world almost.

- gurutc
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
Hi what is the model of your Dell pc
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f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
have you also removed the usb drivers from device manager?
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
another handy tool is the Dell driver reset tool which is an application that will scan the system for malfunctioning drivers and reset such drivers to the original drivers available in the system.
We have this very same problem with our Dell GX 270's and a Lexar 1GB USB memory stick attached to a USB extension cable. It is fine without the ext cable.

In the end I was given a mini 4 port USB hub at a conference and added this to the mix and it all works.

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run it and save the log. Paste the log to the following website

Follow the following exactly:

At the bottom of the page you'll see a "ANALYZE" button. Click it and you will have an analysis of your log. Now a new button, "SAVE ANALYSIS" will show up at the bottom. Your analyzed log will be saved to a page on that homepage, of which you can post the URL here. I should then be able to see if there is any software causing problems.
nobus, that's what I said - gurutc
Do you have service pack 1....Does your MP3 require usb 2.0?

According to dell you need to install service pack 2 in order to support a high speed usb device.

Try using an usb hub, if possible, buy a powered one.
Some kinda split - gurutc
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