SQL Fail Over

My SQL skills are not the best but i now need to set up replication for failover purposes.  

I have a core server with a business critical database which needs to replicate in realtime to a second server.  Not bothered about failover just need it to work like disk mirroring so that if i loose a server i instantly have access to that database.

Can anyone talk me through the process in simple terms
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TAB8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The log shipping feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2000.
You can build your own homegrown solution by taking a backup of the db's
in question and copying it to another server, then having the logs cut and
copied to the other server and applying the backup and the logs
sequentially. There are some scripts online if you look for "custom
logshipping ". or check out http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/ckempster/customlogshipping.asp

replication won't guarantee that you don't lose data...
just that the minimum amount will be lost...

any failover is up to you to control...

you probably also want to read up on Clustering / cluster server(ices)


sorry haven't time for anything fuller.
I disagree ... Clustering will require a SAN, I would use Log shipping , this allows you to easily setup a stanby database 'with no auto failover .. same a replication' without the overhead of replication .... you can set up log shipping to run every 5 minutes ....  

or if you goto sql2005 you could look at DB mirroring even better
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higgsyAuthor Commented:
Cool how would this be done??? log shipping?? is the the easiest way to failover a database.

A 5 minute delay is not a problem
are you using sql 2000 or 2005 .. and what version of sql are you running ? standard or enterprise
higgsyAuthor Commented:
SQL 2000 standard
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