Windows 2000 server vpn configuration - lost mapped drives

I am configuring a windows 2000 server to allow vpn connections. Remote management is working allready throguh my firewall (I moved the port and forwarded it just fine). The issue I ran into was that while configuring remote access for the small office (this server does it all for them), everyone lost all access to the server as soon as the RRAS wizard finished. Is it just as simple as opening the filters or is there another trick? I can only do my set up in little bits now since I can't take the darn accounting geeks down...The server is a 'foundling' meaning I did not set it up to start with. It does have two nics, both on the same net/subnet, both connected to the linksys router that get to the internet. I really only need 5 remote clients (and my existing management sessions). What is the best way to proceede?
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Bind RRAS to one of the NICs and not the other. This way when it filters the connections it will not impact general production use of the other.. Just make sure that NIC 1 is the none filtered NIC as most of the time packets will be sourced off this adapter.
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