Mac Powerbook G4

I have a mac powerbook that is dead, I want to put the hard drive into my G4 tower to pull the data off.  Is there a converter that will switch it from laptop whatever to slave it into my g4 tower?  If so where can I purchase it .

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Putting a second drive into a G4 is  normally no problem. See:

However, the PB drive is likely a 2.5" drive and the mounting bracket in your G4 is for a 3.5" drive.

Maybe a better solution would be to buy an external firewire or USB case and put the PB drive into that. That would have the advantage of portability, and, if you chose a firewire enclosure, the drive would be bootable.
focusenAuthor Commented:
Well I just wantt to throw in the drive to get the data off and then unhook it.  I just need a connectory that will allow the 2.5 drive to be plugged into a regular ide  cable. I think I need some type of convertor and I need to know where to order it.  any ideas ?  
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focusenAuthor Commented:
Do you know for sure that this is the size of the Powerbook G4 drive ? Thanks so much for all your help
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