view emails blocked by connection filtering - RBL

I implemented spam filtering on an exchange 2003 sbs server.
I used the connection filtering method, and provided some RBL servers.
I applied it as on
Is there a way to view the mails that were blocked by those filters???
I mean, an easy way, not in the long logfiles please.
I also need to release the mails in case they were wrongly filtered.
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Connection filtering means exactly that - the connection is filtered. The message is not even delivered to your server. The sender will have received an NDR stating the message was blocked.

If the messages were delivered to your server then filtered that would default the object of a blacklist. The whole point of them is to stop the message being delivered.

If you think legitimate messages are being blocked, then blacklists are not for you.

suppsawsAuthor Commented:
ah, okay, my mistake.
I thought I could view the messages that were blocked.
Thank you for the info!
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