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crystal reports cuts off headers in Windows 2000

I have two servers with crystal reports.  The one server runs Windows 2003 Server and works fine.  The Other Server is Windows 2000, but is not a server edition.  When I run the reports on the Win 2003 box they look fine, however when I run them on the Windows 2000 box, the headings and data are cut off and do not display properly.  In order to fix this, I have to manually resize all the fields and headings on the report in order to make them show completely.  I can't seem to find any difference between the servers.  Any ideas what this might be?  Would the Crystal Reports Service Pack help?
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This is most likely due to differences in the printer drivers.  Crystal is highly dependent on the printer driver install on the machine for rendering the report.  There is probably a difference between the Win2K and Win2K3 driver even if the printer is the same.

Agree ... and even if the print drivers are the same, they might be a different version
tegronakronAuthor Commented:
I tried to set both machines to use the same printer, but as you say they are different versions for each operating system.  If I tried a different default printer would this make a difference?
Here's some info on how Printer Drivers affect a report:


Although this document was written as of CR version 8.5 it still contains a wealth of information relevant to later versions


Some things to look into as you review the above documents:

What version of Crystal was the report developed in?  Print driver issues will behave differently for reports developed in Visual Studio.Net

What was the printer driver used when the report was created?  Default Printer, Specific Printer or No Printer.

Check that the same version of the printer driver installed on your workstations and that it is the same version used in report creation.  See "How Printer Driver Options Affect a Report" pages 3 and 5:
"It is possible that the client computer has the same printer driver installed, but it is of a different version (usually an earlier version) than the printer driver that the report was designed with. Printer driver version differences may cause printing issues. If the same printer driver is installed on the client computer, ensure that the version of the printer driver is the same or newer than that of the printer driver that the report was designed with."

What font is used in the report?  Different printer drivers measure the same font differently.  See pages 2 - 3 of the Printer Driver Dependency document for detailed information.

Check that the resolution is the same on the PCs running the report.  Excerpt from "Printer Driver Dependency" page 18,
"Use the most common video resolution
If you have two identical printers, two identical printer drivers and two identical operating systems but the resolution of the video driver is different, the paging of MS Windows documents will be different. It is recommended that you set your video resolution to 640 X 480 pixels. If a document is designed with the video set to a resolution of 800 X 600 pixels and is then printed on another PC where the video resolution is coarser (such as 640 X 480 pixels), the document will encounter more formatting changes than if it was developed on 640 X 480 and moved to a finer screen resolution. Developing reports with your video resolution set at the most common and coarsest resolution will ensure that your reports will be the least sensitive to video driver settings. Unfortunately, there is no way to design Windows documents to be immune to changing video driver resolutions."

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