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   We have a parent and child domain setup. All was working well till a week ago when the DNS server in the parent domain crashed and had to be rebuilt. Eversince then, the child DNS is not able to get updates (unless manually initiated from Replication Monitor) from the parent. Approx. every 7-8 hours, the zone for the parent expires causing some App's to be unavailable.

    Even after a manual replication as mentioned above, the newly updated zone file in the child DNS is missing a WWW "A' record that DOES exist in the parent DNS. I am not clear as to why that is the only record that is not replicated time after time.

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Check the Zone Replication Scope on the parent zone. You get to it as follows:
Right-click on the parentdomain.com folder in the Forward Lookup Zones section in DNS Management Console and select Properties. On the General tab there is a group of three buttons near the top. The third button is Change.. for replication - click it. New form opens showing Zone replication scope. You will need to select "To all DNS servers in the AD forest" (first option) and not the other options that replciate only to the AD domain. The child domain is a different domain and so doesn't get updates unless you select forest.
Hi sudipmis,

check your name servers TAB and make sure the old Parent Server is gone (if different name) =

also check your zone transfers on the parent domain and make sure that they are given permissions

you can always try an drecreate the child zone by loading to zone from the parent again, are your zones AD integrated?
sudipmisAuthor Commented:
   Yes permissions are correct and i am able to manual start the rep process. I also recreated the zone but didn't help. Yes thet AD integrated.
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