Forward a copy of all emails to all users, but preserve the "To" data

I have a problem with trying to set up a particular email configuration using Exchange Server (2003).

Basically, the client wants all incoming emails (all picked up from a catch all mailbox info@...) to be collected by everyone in the office. I.e. everyone gets their own individual copy of all emails. NOT a shared mailbox, this would not work, as individual users delete/keep different emails depending on the individual importance to them. Each user has their own email address (e.g. fred@ , jane@ etc) But they are all caught by the catch all.

This is only a small team of users (5) and they had this setup with their old email system (pre-exchange) and it worked very well for them so they want to continue in this way.

I managed to setup a single mailbox on exchange which my pop-collector forwards all emails to, and then setup a rule on this mailbox to forward all mails in that mailbox to a distribution list that contained all of the users. So far, so good. However, when the email arrives in the users inbox, the "to" value displayed is, of course, the name of the distribution list and NOT the address or name of the original recipient.

Just to give you the full info, the Pop connector I am using is PopCon, and does have the ability to deliver mail correctly to indivdual exchange mailboxes based on the to address.

How can I achieve this kind of setup with exchange?!

Any help is very much appreciated.


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I don't think you will be able to get Exchange to do what you need.
Once the email message hits Exchange and Exchange has decided what mailbox the message goes to, the display name information in to the TO: line is ignored. Outlook uses the active directory information.

The information is still there - you have to look in the SMTP header information of the message to see what address it was sent to.

To give you a real world example.
I could create a contact in my personal email that said something like "Girlfriend" (her . email @
If she was on Exchange, she would see the To: line as "Her Name" - she wouldn't see that the message arrived with "Girlfriend" on it.

Catch all accounts are loosing their popularity very fast, and I don't deploy them at all. 99% of the time they are simply a spam trap, and the users just have to wade through 1000s of junk messages to find the one valid message from someone who can't spell properly.

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