Table not found error for web app?


I am trying to move from access tables to sql server.
I have my sql server database and table in place, but the web app is giving me this error:

ODBC Error Code = S0002 (Base table not found)

I have double checked that everything is there, and it is.
I can go into the SQL server enterprise manager and see the table and it works there fine.

I think something needs to be done for permissions for web access to the table.
Is this a true statement?

What are the steps to giving my db table web access?
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Hi g118481,

Run this Query to fing the owner of the table

select Table_Schema owner , Table_name
from information_schema.tables

Aneesh R!
Check who owns the table. If it is not dbo, then you might have to use
the fully qualified table name
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