changing the default form for contacts

If you customize the contact form, how do you make it the default so that when you add a new contact the normal way, your new customized form shows up?
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Making the custom form available to create new items
To make the custom form available for creating new items in your folder, you must publish the form in that folder. Optionally, you can further specify that form to be the default form for the folder.

Publish your custom form
You need to publish the form in the forms library or in the folder where you want to use it to create new items. Here’s how:

After you have created your new form, while still in the Design mode, click Forms on the Tools menu.
Click Publish Form.
Click Browse. In the Go to Folder dialog box, click Subscriptions and then click OK.
Type Subscribers as the Display name for your form. This will also be the form name. Click Publish.
Note  The message class will be changed to append the custom form name to the message class name for the default form on which it is based. For example, when we name our form Subscribers, the message class becomes IPM.Contact.Subscribers.

When you publish a form to a folder, it will just be used for creating items in that folder. If you publish it in a public folder, it will be available for all users who have permission to access the folder. If you publish it in a personal folder, it’s for your use only. To use the form in our example, select the Subscriptions folder; on the Actions menu, click New Subscribers.

Make your custom form the default for the folder
If you want your form to be the default when creating an item in the folder, follow these steps:

Right-click the folder.
Select Properties.
On the General tab, in the section labeled When posting to this folder, select your custom form.
Click OK.

Tip  If you want to apply the new custom form to items that are already in the folder, you’ll need to change the message class of the items in the folder. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article How to Update Existing Items in an Outlook Folder to Use a New Custom Form.

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