login as root

hi all,

i have a small problem.

im using KDE with freebsd,

when im trying to login as root

i got you can't login as root,

so what can i do to login as root,

because i need to edit some config files and i can't without root

and thx.
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Open konsole
type id
if you see wheel group proceed:
inside konsole type su - and enter password
Now you are root user.

If you do not see wheel group type
Log into text console as root
vi /etc/group
type 2jA
make that wheel line look like:
now type Esc followed by :wq

Type Ctrl-D to log off root session
Now press printscreen key until you get back to your graphic screen
Now log off session and log in back - now su command will work as expected.

To undermine security measures imposed by default system settings you may edit /usr/local/share/config/kdm/kdmrc file to allow root logins directly.
hanagokuAuthor Commented:
thank you :)
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