Redirect after page is done loading everything (Including the iframe)

I am writing a crude webload tester for my server. I am loading the page I want from my server in an iframe. Once the page is loaded (including the iframe contents) I would like to reload the page.

I tried:
<body onload="redirectPage(test.html)">

But, that did not work. Is there an easy way of doing this, or am I using the onLoad command incorrectly?

I'm not all that well versed with Java or Java Script...
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Cem TürkConnect With a Mentor Senior Software EngineerCommented:
you can use onload event of the  iframe for that.

<iframe src="blabla.html" onload="document.location.reload()"></iframe>
stakorAuthor Commented:

is looking pretty good at the moment... :)
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