Reporting Services...Getting mysterious page breaks at places that make no sense

Hi experts. I wasn't sure where I needed to put this question, but I resolved to put it here since it utilizes MS SQL Server.

I have created a master report and several other reports for the purposes of being included as sub-reports. The real issue here is that in the individual reports (the sub-reports), as well as the master report, extra pages are being inserted. For the life of me, I can't figure out where these page breaks are being generated. The sub-reports each have 1 extra page; however, when I put them in the master report it seems like that extra page doesn't carry over, though, the master report does have extra pages. I say that the sub-reports extra pages aren't begin carried over because the data remains together; that is, I have a sub-report at the top of a page of the master report and data half-way down on the actual master report and both appear on the same page with an extra page following the first page of the master report.

I have checked my tables and various other elements to ensure that they are not set to insert page breaks either before or after them, but I find nothing that explains the extra pages that crop up despite this.

Does any one have any pointers on this issue?

Thanks, in advance!
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simon_kirkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your page sizes for the sub and master report, in particular the page width setting for the report and the body sections.
jbaisdenAuthor Commented:
I'll check those now.
jbaisdenAuthor Commented:

I doubled checked the widths on all of the reports. The sub-reports no longer produce extra pages when viewed by themselves. The master report still does. All page widths are 8.5in and heights are 11in. Margins in all reports are set to .25in. I have set the width and height of each sub-report graphical representation to the same height and width as their respective report. The extra pages are still appearing.
jbaisdenAuthor Commented:

The page sizes and margins were what was causing those issues. Thanks simon!
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