Watchguard X500 - PPTP security

We currently have our X500 configured to allow PPTP authenticated Remote Desktop connections to a single Terminal Server.

I would like for one group of pptp users to have access to one server host, and another group of PPTP users to -only- have access to two other hosts.  

Is there any way to make this happen?
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nls73mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
lou6150, post to the watchguard forums. i have an account there as well. its free and it deals with only watchguard questions (not that this board doesn't have the answers)
lou6150Author Commented:
This is more difficult than I had thought.
watchguard has problems with pptp, it puts alot of stress on the box.

have you thought about using ipsec ?
"problems"? i doubt that.

true bilbus, if you can, use ipsec. better security anyways.

lou6150Author Commented:
Thanks nls73m.  

I was able to figure this out on my own for the most part (wasn't as hard as I thought after all).... but the watchguard forum did produce some tips, and it's a great resource that I will use in the future.

Bilbus, I considered using ipsec when setting this up, but the built-in pptp in XP was too easy for my users to pass up.  I have not had a serious problem after a year and a half of using it.
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