ntbackup on Windows 2003 Server w/tape library


 - Windows 2003 Enterprise Server
 - Adaptec 29160 SCSI HBA
 - ADIC Scalar 100 tape library with 2 IBM LTO SCSI drives

I'm trying to use ntbackup to backup a windows network drive without success. Using the backup wizard, I select the target network drive to backup, "backup type" is LTO Ultrium and "tape to use" is New (the only option). When I run the job, i get a pop-up that says "There is no free media available with the selected type. Add unused media or click canel to end the operation".


John  88{Q
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know ntbackup doesn't support tape libraries, just single tape drives. You will have to get another backup software.
scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Evidently, NT backup is NOT recognizing the tape drive you have installed.  If so, you basically have 2 options --

1.  try to find a NT backup update that will see your tape drive correctly -- remember NT backup is a scaled dow version of backup Exec by Veritas, now bought by Symantec.  So there may be no driver updates for it.

2.  install backup Exec, the parent version of NT backup.  However, I hesitate to suggest this, the backup exec software is very buggy and it has been bought by Symantec with no viable support at this time.

3 The third option is to try a trial of ACRONIS true image backup, see if it detects the tape drive correctly.
tcengineerAuthor Commented:
I did find that Windows 2003 server uses Remote Storage Manager which allows for management and usage of libraries and multiple tape drives. Articles I've found talk about a "Physical Location" tree within the RSM management snap in (ntmsmgr.msc) but I don't see that when I fire up the snap in so I'm trying to figure that out.
tcengineerAuthor Commented:
Apparently 2003 server doesn't have a separate "Physical Location" section in RSM. basically, I had to enable the drives, insert a tape into one fo the drives and mark that tape to below to the "Free" media pool. Then ntbackup will use that tape.

Thanks for at least looking into it guys!

John  88{Q

(Does this mean I can give myself the points?) ;-)
glad you solved it.
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