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My Office firewall (Sonicwall Pro 2040) block everything from my homeoffice

After I installed my new firewall (sonicwall pro 2040) i have problem getting through to my office. The sonicwall find every connection/attempts from my homeoffice as an intrusion, eighter it's a request for a webpage, ftp server or terminal server. The log says it blocks the request because the category is "intrusion prevention" and message "ip spoof dropped" with the explanation "striker attack". I don't have this problem from any other locations, and can't figure out why this happends. My homeoffice firewall is an cyberguard sg530. There is no rule in eighter firewalls that attempts to rewrite the packets.
1 Solution
Do you have a direct link between the offices (ie, a point-to-point T1, etc), so that you're trying to access the branch office internal LAN directly from the home office internal LAN, instead of over the Internet?  Something like the following example?
     Internet                           Internet
        |                                       |
  branch ofc <-- direct link--> home office
  10.1.1.x                             192.168.2.x

If similar to the above, you need to configure a route on the SonicWall so it knows where to route traffic to 192.168.2.x, in addition to firewall rules to allow the home office to access the branch office 10.1.1.x subnet.  Just be aware that if the internal subnets at each office are set w/ overlapping IP ranges, traffic from the home office would have to be NAT'd to a different IP range than the branch office, or the SonicWall will still complain about spoofed IPs, since the SonicWall doesn't like seeing traffic with the same source IP ranges coming in on 2 different interfaces.

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