Project Pro Hangs when Filtering by name

I have a Win2k3 SP1 system with Project Server SP2a installed.
I connect with an XP Pro SP2 system with Project Pro SP2 installed.
I checkout a specific Project
Select Show All Subtasks
Select Group Owner = All
Select Resource Names = <specific user>

At this point Project Pro hangs indefinately and I have to End Task, open PWA and check in the Project via the Admin area.

I am new to Project Server and am not even really sure where to begin on this.
Any troubleshooting tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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RobertoEscalanteTroncoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its "hangs" but you have to make sure if the Vwnotify.exe Service get 100 CPU or similar.
If this is the case.
Review ths article.  (This hotfix is a Project 2003 Service Pack 2 or Project Server 2003 Service Pack 2a hotfix)

Just in case you can review this ones also.

And try to give us more information about wich process hangs and check the event viewer of the system.

Hope this help you as a start.
mentok74Author Commented:
Excellent, good information, but it doesn't sound like my issue.
When it "hangs" WINPROJ.EXE process pegs at 99% CPU until I kill that process.
Once I kill it the following error in the Application Log is created.

Hanging application WINPROJ.EXE, version 11.2.2006.1117, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x0000000
Didi you try with this HotFix?? 
 The description says
The Views Publishing service (Vwnotify.exe) stops responding (hangs) when you publish or save a project to Project Server 2003

When you use Project Professional 2003 to publish or to save a project that contains custom calendar information to Project Server 2003, the Views Publishing service on the server stops responding (hangs). When you open Task Manager, you notice that CPU usage for the VWNotify.exe process increases to and stays at 100 percent.

To restore the functionality of the Vwnotify.exe process, you must either stop and then restart the Vwnotify.exe process, or restart the server.
You can fix this with the patch.
If you intall it and didt work letme know
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mentok74Author Commented:
I applied the hotfix to both the server and client and still see the same behavior.  I am starting to wonder if there might be something wrong with the project plan itsself.
BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
Jepp, check other projects if you have.

Also, what you may try is to copy all the tasks from the first project into a new created project and then reassign all resources. Make sure your resources are not local but in the enterprise resource pool and try, if you have the same problems with the new project.
harisrashidConnect With a Mentor Commented:

it is likely that the global.mpt file is corrupt. Close Project and then use Windows Explorer to search for the file called global.mpt and rename it to something like oldglobal.mpt. There may be more than one global.mpt that you need to rename: the critical one is in the user's profile (your Windows Account name). Then, by opening Project, it will recreate a new Global.mpt which will include the Analysis toolbar. You can then copy any personalized settings from the oldglobal.mpt into the new one using Tools/Organizer...

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