How does a scroll bar works in vb.

I want a control on my form that acts like a nextpage button. This button should automatically go the next form and move to previous form too.

Thank you.
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I don't know that you'll find any way to automate this. What you'll need is a button that has some code behind it that opens the form of your choice and closes the current one.
I agree with Clever_bob, you are going to need to have buttons which load the previous or next form...

However, this may work for you..  Press Control T or go to the Project menu and select components.
Find and add Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control 6.0
This will allow you to have on ONE form separate pages.  Then they can select to go to and from these
pages without even changing the form.
If the tab control does not suit you, you can add multiple frames to your form.  Then, you can add buttons to go back and forth.
These can then just make the tabs invisible/visible.  So that only the frame you want showing at the time will show.  Since frames
are containers, you can use each as a separate form, and when you make the frame invisible, all of its items will disappear too.
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