Add a disclaimer: Postfix MailScanner ClamAV SpamAssassin


This is basically what I want to do.

For all outgoing mail I want one of the above programs to attach a disclaimer to the message.

For all incoming mail I just want it to display the normal virus clean message.


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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's not the job of a MTA to do that, it also will break signatures, MIME types etc. hence you end up in a complex job to do.
Said this, you only can use postfix's content filter to do that. But you have been warned that it may break some mails.
dcarrionAuthor Commented:
I think I would like to use MailScanner to do this because of it's features:

e.g. using inline text signature and set a rule to only put a disclaimer on the outgoing mail from a domain and incoming just get the normal virus scanning one.
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