Recommendations for New Tape Drive (Ultrium 2 LTO Tape Drive)

My company's 40/80 gig tape drive no longer meets the need so I am looking to upgrade.  We have Dell Poweredge 4600 Servers.  Dell has recommended the following drive:

PowerVault 110T LTO-2-L Ultrium tape drive (Internal)
Media Type = Ultrium 2 LTO format cartridges
Capacity = Native: 200GB Compressed: 400GB
Transfer Rate = 24MB/s; 86.4GB/hr
Interface = LVD SCSI (Dell Supported 39160 HBA or internal controller)

I don't know anything about the Ultrium 2 LTO drives, so wanted to get the forums opinion on it.  Anybody had any experiences, good or bad with these types of drives and/or this specific drive?

Price on this is 1,300 total and it will be warrented under our 4 hour service plan.

Anyone have any recommnedations for 160/320 or 200/400 drives that would be cheaper and almost as good as this one?  It's overkill for our needs, but I think it's always best to overspec and plan for future growth.
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We at the moment run the LTO3 100/200 and have had a lot of happy days backing up with it. We like you are also expanding and have opted to go for the LTO3 400/800 as we know we are going to need it in the future. Not now but we will do!

Tape drives are quite expencive in themselves but you also have to remember replacing your drive involves replacing all your tapes with compatable ones which adds to the price.

If you think you are going to be expanding then it is well worth going for a larger drive than u need currently need because you dont want to find yourself replacing it all again a year or so down the line.

With regards to other drives, there probably are cheeper ones out there but the Ultrium drives are very good and you dont want to scrimp on your back up system. As they say any IT department is only as good as the Backups they keep.

LTO3 is where its at.  SUPER fast and reliable, however more expensive. It will last longer for you in the long run.  wont have to replace as soon.
That drive is very good for your needs, and it isn't really that expensive. LTO's are normally very reliable.
LTO 2 is a good option for you. LTO 3 is faster but more expensive. Beter not go for the 160/320 as that is an SDLT unit and the mechanism for that type of drives is not as stable.

Good luck to form your opinion !!
What make LTO2 do Dell put in their boxes, HP/Phillips, IBM/Certance or Seagate? I guess it doesn't matter much in the long run, LTO3 are too fast for most servers to feed and end up shoe-shining, LTO1 don't hold enough so your initial choice of LTO2 is probably right.
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