Network backup software

Looking for a good software to backup one/more computers on a daily/constant basis to a server over the net--this will be over vpn.
Please let me know what software you have the best experience with--could we use Cobian or something? We are looking to do changed files only and are on a very tight budget
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Do you want a no cost solution that takes a minor amount of programming to get it to work?
morudaAuthor Commented:
wouldn't mind programming a bit----as long as it does a decent job. I currently wrote my own scripts in vbscript to do a bunch of specific file functions all day long and backup specific files--but didnt really want to rely on this for more important things
OK then here we go.  On a VPN, the remote system is just as it would be on the local net, a local server name.

Say the remote is \\remote-bu\  and the dirs are comp1, comp2 and comp3.  You want INCREMENTALS.

Here you go -- to backup comp1 to the remote, issue this command --

xcopy \\comp1\c\*.* \\remote-bu\comp1\c\ /r/s/k/c/h/e/d

that will get all changed files since the last backup directed to the comp1\c directory on the remote backup.

You put this one line command in a batch or CMD file, and use windows task scheduler to run this command every day at 5.00 pm and bingo, you have a complete update of comp1 to the remote computer system, hard drive and C directory on the remote backup -- this assumes the VPN is working and stable at the BU time.

You do the same for comp2 and comp3, just changing the parameters, and schedule those backups at least 1 hour later than the first backup, and lo and behold, you have a backup strategy that cost you $0.00 and is instantly recoverable, no matter what problems arise.  This will not backup the open registry files, for that you sue something like ERUNT.EXE for a way to backup the registry to a remote location.

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morudaAuthor Commented:
sounds good enough for now---thanks!
A free solution would be rsync:
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