this object has been blocked

Lately, when I click to: download an item, view a new page, or attempt to view a some links, I get a message saying," this object has been blocked". The rest of the page is barron. Some timesthe same message will show up in a litle non eapandable window. There is no explanation or clue as to how to resolve this issue.

a little background info-I have been without internet service for 2 months. I switched from Verizon DSL to Roadrunner Highspeed. I've always had Zoan Alarm Security Suite. When I got back on the net I updated my ZA right away.I never had this problem before. And I am not reciving any security warnnings from ZASS,. Yet i suspect that it is Zoan Alarm related.  may be not. So what could it be? How do I fix this?
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Turn off Zone Alarm and see if it's the one blocking it, or check its settings,
Open your Zone Alarm Pro control panel and go to the Main tab in the Privacy section.
Turn off the Mobile Code control.

Disable third party extensions/addons. With IE open, go to Tools > Options > Advanced. Uncheck "Third party extensions". Click Ok.  

Reset IE settings.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs.  Click on "Reset Web Settings" button. Go to Advanced tab and click "Restore Defaults" button. Go to Security tab and move the bar to Medium or Default. Click OK.
dsipherAuthor Commented:
rpqqamergirl, I never thought about moblie code, probly cause I did not understand what mobil code means. Now i know that it blocks embebbed objects, mime objects and javascripts.

I was leary about turning off my ZA totataly, so I first tried turning off my mobile code control inside ZA.  and it worked !!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

So that was: Zoan Alarm > Privacy > Main > Mobile Code Control > "click" off.

yep .that did it. Now i will make it a pratice to understand exactally when the mobile control needs to be on.
dsipherAuthor Commented:
when does it need to be on?
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Hi dsipher,

May I ask why the grade of B? wasn't it a good answer?
The grading makes a lot of difference to an accepted answer.
Please see below:

>>when does it need to be on?<<
anytime you want, but you will be unsecured.
Mobile code is active or executable Web page content. Some examples include Java applets, ActiveX controls and Javascript. Properly used, mobile code makes Web pages more interactive and dynamic. But malicious mobile code, can copy files, wipe out a hard disk, steal passwords, or command servers.
dsipherAuthor Commented:
bon journo, rpqqamergirl.

yes you may ask why the grade of B. Please be pactint and bare with my with explanation. and i appreiciate your asking. for it prompts me to explain something ...hopfully warmly.
1). the ansewer deserves a grade of A!
2). when i was a novice at the coming to age of computer technology, any advice that i seeked, was prefaceded with a     song of "what a novice i am". so when i say, " when i was a novice", it , i relized, that it only means that i recconize that i have  enough just enough  computer savy to make or convince my 70 something year old mother to think that i am almost a computer genius. understand that i do not encourage this. this is only a near true response to her(moms) reaction to what i can do with the computer. i don't fool me at all. I certainly do not try to fool mom, yet she is astounded at my computer talents.
3).communation or conversing ,mastering what seems like the mundane of computilization.?? What im trying to say is that i dont fool myself. computer savy ? i'd say 3% in comparison to others. top that with self diagnosed delexia! on top of my recent graduation of 2 finger typing (from 1 finger typing). I happen to be burdened with handycaps. Inthe past , questions that i have posted, take me on the advrage of 60 minutes to  complete. because mostly of me pushing the qwrong buttons on the key board or a fear of me *ucking upin general.
4) it all makes for a labrorious proccess.
5) top that with i dont totaly understand the whole grading process any way. dumb me. itried the gradeing imput , Ithink fo the frist time.( please add amnisia to my lis of handycaps).
6)If it were not for your guidance, Iwould have eventually paid some one a un nessesary fee to corect the problem.
7) youranswer was  invaluable to me thanks.

b grade was bull_hit!
when i get on my computer it is usually late night for me...... and the list goes on and on as to why i screwed up the grading. please PLEASE accept my most humble appoliges as if i have offended or smited your caracter in any way. for your knowelege hinged applications tonew doors for me and i will be forever gratefull. if  i ever hit the lottery, i'd like to keep you in mind to express my gratitude!

inthe mean time if you let me know how i can change this grade, i shall rectify this situatuation.
sincerilery, dsipher
Thank you very much for your kindness and understanding. I really appreciate it. Forgive me if I sounded like a whinger.

Best wishes!
dsipherAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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