Two Questions

Just starting with C# I have been struggling with two pieces of code ... and hope someone
that is much more experienced than I can just drop a couple of lines back to me and
the 4 hours I have spent will not be all wasted ...

I have an app that has an Outlook Side Bar Look Interface ...

I have one group opening up my forms with no problem ...

1) I want to have some ICON Selections to open and run a local program ...

    I have tried the Tools.Shell ... Application.Run ... and The File.Open methods and I can't get it right ...
    It won't even compile  ... I thought I followed the examples ... but guess not.

Can someone drop the proper code to make this happen ... I don't want to control anything about the
other program .. just open it and let the user use it ...

2) Same as #1 but just want to have the item open IE or open a specific URL

Certainly would like to get this done this weekend ...
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Fahad MukhtarConnect With a Mentor Distinguished EngineerCommented:
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("write your exe path here");

AEIIAuthor Commented:
Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks

It worked great !!!!
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