Exchange 2003: Problem Moving Mailboxes between storage groups


Id like abit of help on an issue I have encountered with Exchange 2003 please.

Ive created a new Storage Group and I have created Mailbox stores for Each Department in our company spanning between the Default Storage Group and my new Second Storage group within the same "First!" Administrative Group.

I scheduled the accounts dept to move overnite, 3 at a time with 10 min intervals between schedule times.

A few of them failed to move, ill paste the error log below but notice the section:
  <progress code="0" milliseconds="10375">Opening source mailbox.</progress>
- <summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0x800704c7">
  The operation was canceled by the user.
I asked everyone to log out properly before they left last nite, generally everyone switches their PCs off before they leave anyway.

Ive enabled maximum logging for moving mailboxes, so my next step is to try again, but just wondering if anyone has encountered this incase me trying again is potentially a waste of time.

Thanks alot.

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="unicode" ?>
- <taskWizardRun taskName="Move Mailbox" dcName="XTC-BHAM" buildNumber="7638" runningAs="administrator@BIRMINGHAM.BBNET">
  <timespan startTime="2006-05-19 02:20:00.921" milliseconds="10375" />
- <moveMailbox mixedMode="true" maxBadItems="0">
- <destination>
  <database>/dc=bbnet/dc=birmingham/cn=Configuration/cn=Services/cn=Microsoft Exchange/cn=Barker Brettell/cn=Administrative Groups/cn=First Administrative Group/cn=Servers/cn=XTC-BHAM/cn=InformationStore/cn=Second Storage Group/cn=Accounts</database>
  <taskSummary errorCount="1" completedCount="0" warningCount="0" errorCode="0x00000000" />
- <items>
- <item adsPath="LDAP://birmingham.bbnet/cn=Terry Lester,ou=Normal Users,ou=Birmingham Users,ou=BB Users,dc=birmingham,dc=bbnet" class="user">
  <progress code="0" milliseconds="10375">Opening source mailbox.</progress>
- <summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0x800704c7">
  The operation was canceled by the user.
- <details>
- <source>
  <database>/dc=bbnet/dc=birmingham/cn=Configuration/cn=Services/cn=Microsoft Exchange/cn=Barker Brettell/cn=Administrative Groups/cn=First Administrative Group/cn=Servers/cn=XTC-BHAM/cn=InformationStore/cn=First Storage Group/cn=Mailbox Store (XTC-BHAM)</database>
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any number of reasons. I very rarely get 100% on the first go, but the second attempt and they will move. It doesn't take much to cause the system to cough over a mailbox, as the database has to have no locks on the mailbox at all. If an email is coming in at just the moment the process starts, then it can cause the problem. I also suspect that Outlook doesn't always disconnect 100% correctly and can leave things behind.

What happens if you try the move by hand rather than on a schedule?
I very rarely get a 100% success rate on the first run of mailbox moves. There is always one or two failures which need to be investigated.

BarkersITAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for moving it and appologies for the mistake.

Due to the fact that I beleive mailbox's cant be in use at the time of the move, I have not had chance to move any by hand and need to schedule them. Based on what you have said, ill try and re-schedule the same ones again to run overnite with more advanced error reporting to mailbox moves turned on.

BarkersITAuthor Commented:
They moved ok on a second try.

As the question asked was relating to why they failed in the first place ill leave this open for a while and see if anyone has encountered this error.
BarkersITAuthor Commented:
Ok thankyou Simon.
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