Access denied on PST files


For a long time we have had Outlook PST-files on the users HOME-share. After we move to a new fileserver (W2K3-SP1) many users have problem with their PST-files

They often get this error:
”unable to expand the folder.The set of folders could not opened. Access is denied.” To solve it they do 2 things:
- Restart Outlook (sometimes serveral times) and it works
- Waiting a few moments and it works.

The most funny things is that a few users only have had this problem 1 time, some don't have this problem, some users have the problem serveral times a week and some have weeks between the have this problem.

It doesn't matter if the PST-file is 30MB or 1GB. The problem is the same.

I know the that MS don't support PST-files on networkshares (KB297019), but it used to work before we upgraded our fileserver from a W2K based server to a new W2K3-SP1 server. Our DC's are running W2K.

I have installed Office 2003 as KB822503 descripes.

The old fileserver was a W2K-SP4

I really hope somebody can help me

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JasperIAMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When upgrading from W2K to '03, the permissions change.  I would double check the Shared permissions, and NTFS permissions.  

When they restart Outlook several times and then it works, that sounds like the file is still being open.  Make sure that no one else is attaching to that pst and make sure that Outlook is closing all the way down.

Thats were I would start.
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