migrating form SBS2000 to Exchange STD 2003

I am performing a migration from exchange in windows sbs 2000 to a new Windows 2003 server running exchange 2003 std. My biggest worry are the calendars. In my existing setup many secretaries have access to everyones calendars and i want to know when i migrate will all these calendars be available when i use exchange 2003.
I am hoping the perform the migration using exch2003 migration wizard or exmerge if it comes to it.
Can anyone help with directions to do this?
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If you are going to a new domain then your best bet is to reset everything, rather than trying to bring stuff across. Remember that the underlying identification that Exchange uses will be different so you will probably end up having to recreate a lot of the permissions anyway.

How exactly are you doing this migration?

Are you migrating to a new domain?
Same domain?

If you doing a swing migration in the same domain, then everything comes across.

If you are going to a new domain, then you will loose the permissions and they will have to be reset.
That isn't too much hassle, I have a procedure on my web site for setting a folder permission for all users on the server: http://www.amset.info/exchange/folderpermissions.asp

dbcompAuthor Commented:
hi sembee

i hope to do this migration using the exchange migration wizard and i am migrating to a new domain.
Can i copy permission from old exchange server and transfer them to new server?
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