ISA 2004 web publishing problem


I have ISA 2004 firewall with service pack2 installed on windows 2003 standard edition server sp1. My firewall is working fine. But I am having problems with webpublishing.
I have setup the webpublishing rule according to the instructions in ISA 2004 getting started guide ( Using Wizard) using weblistener. when My clients from internet trying to access my published webserver (On Internal network) they are unable to open the website. They are getting page can not open , dns error messages .
When I observed the ISA firewall logs I saw denied connection .. default rule... destination IP ( firewall IP) .. source IP (internet client IP).. protocol http .. source network ( external) ..destination network ( local host).

Please help me to resolve this issue.


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Leon FesterConnect With a Mentor Senior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Is IIS and ISA running on the same server? If yes, then the listener won't works as IIS bind to the port first before ISA can.
Otherwise check that the DNS name is registered externally.

Also check that your links are not hardcoded, you could have a page redirect or something that is pointing to a name that only exist on the Internal LAN.
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