How do we rack a stand up Sun E250?

How do we rack a stand up Sun E250 in our existing HP rack. We do not want to have this stand up as it would use up valuable space?
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There may be a rack mount option for it, but I have not seen one, and since it is no longer sold, you may not be able to buy it from Sun.

What I have done in the past with E3000 and E3500 is to put a shelf (some racks come with them but a properly cut piece of 3/4 plywood works fine) at the bottom of the rack and place the machine there.  I don't remember if the E250 has wheels, if it does you will have to secure it, or take the wheels off.  If there are vents on the bottom of the e250, then you will have to make sure that you have holes oin the shelf, or raise it above the shelf using 2x4s.

Good Luck!

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