Customize .Net user controls

I am looking for a way to customize the .Net trackbar control. I do not like the "standard" look, but I still need the exact same functionality. Is there a way to skin a control?
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Well, there is the ability to make a custom control, called a "user control." You can look at the help information under "User control." In some form, it has to be based on existing controls, which you can then modify and/or combine.

An alternative might be looking for a third-party control. Many of them you have to pay for, but there may be something out there that looks more like what you want. A quick Google search popped up one freebie that might be an option:

Here is an example with source code in C# if that helps:

Here's another one:

Knob control, written in VB.NET. Pretty cool. I tried it out, and it is pretty hip if you ask me.
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