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Redirect emails from specific source in Groupwise 6.5?

Is it possible withing GroupWise 6.5 (sp5) to have the system capture emails from a particular sender and deliver those to the administrator, rather than the intended recipient? I have been asked to do this, but our external filtering service (Postini) will only quaranteen the messages for the invididual users - so they would still eventually see the email when they check their junk.

2 Solutions
You can set it up to block stuff, but that won't redirect it to administrator - it'll just never get past GWIA into the system.

You could set up a relay host between the Internet and GWIA, that *will* do that.  PsiCop has experience using a Sendmail server as a relay host, running various software on it to do various things (like spam filtering), and I'm sure the capture/redirect thing could be done with such an environment.  Spam filters (as opposed to block rules, which is what you get with GW6.5) will save filtered messages if you choose to do so, and I'm sure you could set up a custom rule to wrap "forward to administrator" SMTP code around filtered stuff.  Have it only filter/forward the mail from that one source, and pass everything else transparently to GWIA, and let Postini continue to do the heavy lifting for your spam filtering.

It's amazing what you can do with open-source software ;)
Short Answer: No, not in the *stock*GroupWise environment.

Long Answer: To do something like this, you need 3rd party software. GWAVA has "surveillance" functions that can be used for this, and there are other tools (e.g. Guinevere) that can probably do this sort of thing (I qualify my statement because I don't *know* what other tools have a capability like this, but I'm pretty sure others do).

Given your requirements (trap E-mail from a specific sending address, regardless of recipient address, and re-direct it to the E-mail postmaster/admin), I think a solution that functions prior to arrival at the GWIA would be best. As ShineOn mentioned, I've done things like this with a sendmail relay between the GroupWise GWIA and the 'Net. To accomplish this specific task, I'd probably use something like MIMEDefang (a sendmail MILTER) to alter the E-Mail headers and SMTP envelope on-the-fly before the E-Mail reached the GWIA.

Note that modern versions of PostFix have implemented the sendmail MILTER interface, so a modern PostFix could be substituted for sendmail (at least in theory - I haven't seen the new code in action).
DanoklasAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, Guys. That "stock" configuration is what I'm working with. This is a one-time issue that doesn't quite warrant purchasing or setting up anything new. I was just hoping there might be something I didn't know about within the GW system. As always, you've been a great help.

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