Rolling back to 32 bit x86 from 64 bit?


We are having a lot of issues with the 64-bit version of RH Linux Enterprise and was wondering if there would be any installation problems if we decided to just go ahead and re-install the 32 bit version instead of the 64 . Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.

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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For Intel P4 with EM64T, Xeon with EM64T, AMD Opteron, or AMD Athlon64 CPU, you can just install RHEL 32bit (i686) on it without any problem.
I've run 32bit RHEL WS 3.0 update 4 or above on those CPU machine for 2 year without any problem.

It runs just like the regular 32bit CPU with 32bit RHEL.

For 64bit RHEL, you need to make sure your kernel is matching your CPU such as
kernel-2.x.x.EL.ia32e for Intel CPU with EM64T
kernel-2.x.x.EL.x86_64 for AMD 64bit CPU
kernel-2.x.x.EL.ia64 for Intel Itarium CPU (this kind of CPU can not run 32bit application and can not install 32bit OS on it).

run the following command will tell you which kernel do you have
rpm -q --qf "%{arch}\n" kernel

Besides, if need to use gcc compiler to compile the C code in 64bit OS with 32bit compatible, sometimes you will encounter a lot of issues.
In this case, install 32bit OS will solution the problem easily.
Most of the issues you might be having are solved by installing 32-bit libraries along with 64-bit ones and continuing to run on 64bit kernel.

You can do that using

up2date --arch=i386 ....

(i.e. just add --arch param to your up2date command when installing things).
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