cannot view network

i have just installed windows server 2003 enterprise.

it is an new domain controller, dns and dhcp server.

i have assigned it ip

it says everything is ok, but when i click view network it takes a logtime to show my domain then if i click on my domain to show connected computers, it waits and says that "mynetwork" is not accessible...... the list of server avaiable on this workgroup is not currently available.

i have no ideas why

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bilbusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In network settings for your server's nic, it sounds like the server has a external DNS server as its first DNS server. Yo u need to point it to it self and then put a real DNS server as the second entry.
Do you have the workgroup/domain name set the same on the 2003 server as the rest of the computers on the network? If not set it the same and the problem should be resolved.
MarcuswAuthor Commented:
i have not got any other computers on it yet.

the DC cannot view itself
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