How to eliminate Blank lines, white space between tables in subforms

This is really bothersome.

I have multiple subforms. Each Subform has a table or two.
When adding the subforms to the main form , there are no blank lines in Designer.
When previewed in the Notes Client, there is at least 1 blank line between the subforms, and sometimes 2 or more.
R 6.55 and R 6.54 tested.

The form is very dense and there is no room for blank lines.

I tested this in a blank DB also.
Created 2 subforms with a default table, 1 form and tried both insert as subform and as computed sibform.

Any help appreciated.

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Agreed.. You kinda have to do it with the top of tables set to font size 1 and the bottom set to regular but hidden.  Also, I found that if I did font size 1 top and bottom, my borders didn't get clipped.  And it was a lot easier to manage.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Some suggestions:
- create a space in between those tables, and set it explicitly to always hidden
- in the subform, the first line before the table, set that line to hidden
- do the same for the last line
- if that doesn't work, then set the font size on that line to 1
SysExpertAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions so far.
I have already set the line before and after to 1 point size in the fonts. Now I will try hidden.

 I will start testing, and get back to you all, today or Monday.

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SysExpertAuthor Commented:
OK, this has helped a bit, but still have at least single spaces between tables between each subform.

I am going to continue testing and see what else can be done.

Thanks !
I hear you.  Try this with tables and sections.. finally threw up my hands, and did programmatic tables. :)  Also, it was less hits on the server.
SysExpertAuthor Commented:
OK, I have resolved this, but for your own knowledge, it may be important to document this .
0) Create 2 subforms and 1 main form
1) Put 2 Tables in each subform
2) Put a blank line at the end of each subform and set it for 1 point high, and hidden.
3) Do the same for any blank lines in the beginning of the subform.

include the 2 subforms in the main form and preview in Notes. You should see blank lines between the  subforms.

To eliminate, change the bottom blank line to 10 point  instead of 1 point ( I also add text in Red that says Hidden line

Preview again, and the blank is gone.

Apparently, Notes has an algorithm that checks for minimum spacing between tables/ subforms, and if it is too small, it adds some White space.

Thanks !
Good to know, thanks.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Yeah, thanks ;)
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