Has anyone seen this error : Cannot create shared memory error No. 13 ?

We're running Linux kernel 2.4.21 and we keep running into this error when attempting to start a particular process:

Cannot create shared memory error No. 13  

Has anyone seen this before?
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ravenplConnect With a Mentor Commented:
errno == 13 means Permission denied.
Possibly another proccess already create shm with same key, but You have no right to attach to it.
try straceing the process (strace -f ./processimage.exe)
also check, if there is already smh: ipcs -m
pjedmondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Has anyone seen this error?"

It went that way ---------------->

More seriously, this may be a permissions issue. What is the process? HAve you run it successfully before on this system?

If you run it as 'root', does it work? Does it need to run as work) In which case you may need to change file ownership, and perhaps suid the binary?

Are there any log files for this proces? (In local directory or /var/log/process), and can they be made more vebose?

Just a few ideas about where to look....or enable you to find more information for the experts here to work on.

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