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Interbase 5.6 - "Insufficient memory for this operation error" from web page

If I could give a 1,000,000 points for a resolution to this problem, I would without hesitation. I have this web based application running on IIS 4.0 connecting to an Interbase 5.6 database on a seperate server. Users accessing the web pages will frequently get a SQL Error Handler error every 15-20 minutes throughout the entire day and night. Error reads:

An error has occurred while performing a database request!
Message 1: Insufficient memory for this operation.
Message 2: Alias: EdmDb
Category: 37
Error Code: 9473
SubCode: 1
Native Error: 0
Sql String: Select location...blah blah

Other times, users will get an "Internal Server Error" and that's it. Random, not tied to any specific time of the day or high/low periods of usage. The only way I can resolve the issue is to restart the www publishing services on the web server. I even setup a job to restart that service every 15 minutes, and that still doesn't help out with this problem. Talking to the vendor is useless as they say this is a bug on Interbase. I think that's cr@p and there has to be a fix to this. Can anyone, anyone help with this problem, PLEASE?!? If I have to create fake questions to give you 1,000,000 million points, I'll do it...that's how desparate I am!  =)
1 Solution
How big your database?
Can you give me the hardware information of your database server box ?
How does your web application connect IB database? (ADO, ODBC,...or through a middle layer)

NickUpsonSenior Network EngineerCommented:
is this relevant


I would upgrade what is a VERY old version either from borland (interbase 7.5) or firebird (free, open-source, download from www.ibphoenix.com)

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