What does copy to clipboard means?

Can someone please tell me what copy to clipboard means?

Thank you.
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Greetings, Aiysha !

It copies the selected part of the text or picture to the clipboard.  Clipboard is a temporary storage place in memory.  Then you can paste the selected text or picture to another location.

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Windows has a temporary hold area called the clipboard, that image and text can be copied to and then using the clipboard can be pasted into other applications.
Try a neat example to illustrate! lol:

- Activate (have on screen) a window that you want to capture
- Now hit ALT+PRINTSCREEN  (hold down the ALT key, then hit PRINTSCREEN key which may be at the top right of your keyboard)

- Now go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Paint

The Paint program window should come up

- Now with Paint active & the mouse pointer inside it, hit CTRL-V   --- Voilà! a copy of the window you had on screen gets pasted into the Paint program. Now you can save the file, edit it, do what you want with it.

---------Note: Better than Paint program for this, is the FREE and fantastic Irfanview: www.irfanview.com

--------Here are some keyboard shortcuts for cutting/pasting the clipboard:

CTRL-X - Cut (use after selecting some text)
CTRL-C - Copy (ditto)
CTRL-V - Paste
CTRL-A - Select All

Note: you must know how to select text to copy/paste text to/from the clipboard. To select, use SHIFT + Arrow keys, or Left-Mouse-Button + Drag the mouse...
Enjoy! :)



 It is very simple, I give you an example for better understanding. You see when you copy some thing with copy command then copied item is goes to clipboard first then to your target application by paste command.

for ex. COPY (selected item) > CLIPBOARD (selected item) > PASTE (selected item)

For Details: http://readplease.phpwebhosting.com/htmlframedseppage/windowsclipboardtutorial.htm

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