Setting up 10 workstations for remote access

I am looking for ideas in setting up a remote accessable online library. Here is what I am trying to do.

My non profit organization has purchased several online subscription services and electronic book libraries which we are trying to make accessable to our members via the web. We would have 10 seperate computers each one installed with a different CD library. Members would be able to logon to our website and select which library they wanted to use, the link would log them into the proper computer with that CD library. Additionally some of the online subscription services we subscribe to allow for IP restricted logon,  I was thinking of dedicating a few computers with access to online services also.

Any advice or ideas on setting this up is appreciated. My first thought was to setup a SBS 2003 server with 10 workstations.

I am also looking to hire someone to assist in the setup of this project, please contact me privately if you are interested.

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Joseph HornseyConnect With a Mentor President and JanitorCommented:

I think that you're on the right track.  A couple of things to keep in mind:

1. If you use workstations for the 10 different computers, you're going to be limited to only 10 inbound connections each.  This may hinder your ability to give access to these for everyone.
2. Since you're a non-profit, you qualify (most likely) for Microsoft's Charity/Non-Profit licensing (as I'm sure you know).  A better solution, if you have the budget, may be to purchase 10 licenses for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Web Edition.  This retails at about $300 per copy (compare to $950 or whatever for Standard Edition) and is designed strictly to act as a web or DNS server.  At your pricing, you should be able to get these for not much more than it would cost to get Windows XP Pro licenses.

Another nice thing about Web Edition is that you might be able to get by with fewer computers.  I mean, do you *have* to set each library up on its own computer?  Or can you combine them on fewer computers?  I think that would be easier in the long run.  Web Edition can host tons of web sites and you can give each on its own IP address, etc.

How would you be contacted privately?

Great point SplinterCell, and with the size and costs of disk space, many CD libraries can be moved to disk and improve response time.
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