Complete uninstall of MySQL from Debian

I am currently running Debian Sarge 3.1 and have installed MySQL-Server-5.0 deb package.  I would like to uninstall the complete package so I run the following:

aptitude remove mysql-server-5.0

I have also tried aptitude purge remove mysql-server-5.0

I understand that some depencies like mysql-common and mysql-admin are still floating around.  So i go and uninstall them too.  But when I go to reinstall Mysql-server-5.0 on the same machine, then try to configure the password, it cannot be changed.  So, in completely uninstalling MySQL from linux (debian) what other files should I be addressing for a complete uninstall?
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psadacConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first you should try this :
second, i don't think mysql 5.0 is part of debian sarge (stable), you must be on testing or unstable. anyway, you can also try
apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0
if this does not work, remove the directory /var/lib/mysql, it will delete all your databases.

orestyle1Author Commented:
Ya, I got the .deb package from a site  I assume the guy is compiling packages to support LAMP install.  I have tried the purge option.  But is seems there are other files out there.  For instance I had to delete everything that had anything to do with mysql, but it seems that there where some mysql-admin packages out there that where preventing me from a fresh install.  

Anyway, I thing the info you gave is gonna get me where I need to be,  thanks for the response!  
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