IIS/SMTP Telnet to port 25 fails

We're having a problem and unable to send out email from a previously working IIS 6/SMTP instance on a Win2003 Server.

When I do the telnet test: PROMPT>telnet 25

I do not get a banner specifying the SMTP Server version and allowing me to continue to HELO.

The command shell is cleared and only a prompt remains.  Further attempts at entering HELO or MAIL FROM: just send me back to the prompt.

IF SMTP is running in the services control panel why am I not able to do this?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Something is blocking the port.
What happens if you try it from the server itself?
Check that no antivirus application has been installed which blocks the port. Also check that the Windows firewall hasn't been reset and is now blocking that port.

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