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Hello Experts,

I recently had to reinstall Windows 2003 Small Business Server. Therefore all programs including Exchange were resinstalled as well.

I now have the same setup that i had before, but all the mail data is OBVIOUSLY not there. (messages, etc..)

I have all the old data files.. public folders, mailbox data, etc.. from before the reinstall.  the problem is that i am not able to REMOUNT the new stores using the old data.  I get weird errors.

The problem is.. I NEED the old messages..
Is there a way either to
1. REPLACE the existing mail stores with the old ones...
2. Open the old stores in ANY program (extension is *.edb) and get the messages out..


Thank you
- Andrew
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Exchange_AdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a program that will open Exchange edb files and allow you to extract the data. It is Ontrack Power Controls.

You can try this:
1.Stop the Information Store service.
2. Rename the MDBDATA folders on all drives to MDBDATA.NEW. Create a new MDBDATA folder wherever you renamed one.
3. Place the PRIV1.EDB, PRIV1.STM, PUB1.EDB, and PUB1.STM into the proper MDBDATA folder.
4. Start the Information Store service.
5. In the Exchange System Manager, drill down to the mailbox store. Right click on the mailbox store and select properties. Look for a box to check that says allow this database to be restored. Do the same thing for the Public Folder store.
6. Now try to mount the stores.

If the above worked then see if the users can access their mailboxes.
LunaSkyeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions!
I will try it and get back to you.
LunaSkyeAuthor Commented:
Dear Exchange_Admin,

Im sorry its been a while. Ive been extremely busy.. and this particular job I'm discussing is only a side job. I dont get to work with this every day.

I tried that, and it DID allow the old stores to Mount, but the information I was looking for wasnt there.. I dont understand where it went.  Is there anything else I can try?

I have downloaded Ontrack power tools.. (the free version) and I will try that onsite when i get over there next.

In the meantime, dont go anywhere.. Im still working this one out.  thank you.

- Andrew Allen
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