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SBS remote access

I am trying to get remote access to my SBS server, This is a VERY small company and there Internet is tru SBC using a homeportal 1000sw and I have setup access to there webcams so the owner can watch and now the other IT guy would like remote access to the SQL database, I ran the remote access wizard and it said completed and i tried to just connect to the IP just like you would on the internal ip (ours is and nothing but if i enter the Internal it pops up. Any ports I need to open? Any services I need to start? I am VERY new to SBS and a begginer in the IT feild.

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is the sql database also the computer that SBS is installed on?  on the router you need to make sure port 4125 TCP is allowed from the outside.

mmm let me restate what i'm trying to say.

do you have an external firewall? are you using ISA Server? if you have external firewalls and/or ISA Server you need to allow port 4125 TCP inside.
How are you trying to connect? With XP going through Remote Desktop Connection?

Depending on your router/firewall you'll need to allow incoming connections through port 3389 for RDP (remote desktop) and port 4125 for Remote Workplace.  Those ports then need to point to your server (

It sounds like you have the service up and running fine if you are able to connect internally... it's just a port forwarding issue at this point.

also to note, you may need additional Terminal Service CALs if you get too many people coming in remotely.
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
to connect from external you need to use the InternetIP of your SBS system. ie the one your ISP assigns.

 The server IP you have given is the Internal one for LAN use.

g127404 is also correct in that you need to forward ports in your router

Are you using a dual NIC SBS setup or single ?  If single, the External IP is the internal IP

HOME --> internet ---> ISP ---> InternetIP --> Router --> External SBS.IP ---> SBS server --> internal SBS.IP

So in the router, you must forward the ports above to the External SBS.IP

Then to connect you use https://ISP.ip/remote  to bring up the Remote Web Workplace page.
If you have a single NIC (network card) installed, then you do not need to install firewall/NAT via the remote access and routing wizard.    You will rely on your hardware firewall to protect the network.

With a two NIC configuration, if you run the Routing and Remote access setup wizard, it clears out your SBS routing and remote access settings, which are really necessary. So the wizard to run is the SBS 'connect your computer to the Internet' then start from there.

The port number for SQL is 1433.  The hardware firewall needs to forward 1433 to the server, and then on the server itself, you need to go into routing and remote access, NAT/Basic Firewall, and find the entry called 'Network Connection' or whichever entry corresponds to the NIC on your external interface.  (NOTE this entry will not be there if you do not run SBS connect to Internet wizard with two NIC's installed -- then you have to create it yourself, but I won't go into that because you would still have other problems going that route).  Go into properties, click the services and ports tab.  Then click add:

Description of Services : SQL Server
Incoming Port: 1433
Private Address:
Outgoing Port: 1433

I have this working fine on my server, but due to the problem with the SQL server Slammer worm, I changed my port number to something else.  If it's just a programmer who needs access to SQL, I recommend instead of opening the port you set up VPN have them create a PPTP connection to the server, as that's a lot safer and easier to configure.
A typo, sorry:  I recommend instead of opening the port you set up VPN and have them create a PPTP connection to the server, as that's a lot safer and easier to configure.

Clarification: If you have a single NIC on the server and a hardware firewall, then turn OFF routing and remote access, and then configure the hardware firewall to forward port 1433 to the server, and  that's it.
cyborgcomAuthor Commented:
The SQL server is running on the SBS 2003 server, I currently have    ISP <-------- Homeportal 1000sw -----> 24 port Switch ------> SBS2003 server  now i didnt not create this setup I have just kinda of fallin into it, What I did is go to the firewall on the Homeportal and opened up port. The orginal person that setup the SBS server, set it up to be dual NIC but ATM we are only using a single NIC card due to having problems with the ISP and our server, So i moved it to more of a p2p connection instead of using it as a DC. Im having a REALLY busy day at work seince its a small company I wear the hats of like 10x people :p Im going to foward the ports and ill let you all know in a little while how it went.

Okay, so to confirm, you are going to just forward port 1433 on your homeportal to the *internal* IP of your SBS server.  
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