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dreamweaver, php & mysql

Hello there!

First, let me tell you what I've done till now and then we'll get to the problem itself.
I downloaded xampp's package (zip distribution) and followed installation instructions. Once I checked the security issues xampp people tell you to take care of...everything seems to be fine. I can run MySql & Apache without problems. I created one database, with one simple table. All Ok.

Problems arise when I want to use PHP & MySql with Dreamweaver MX.

I created a new site.

Step 1
Name: Nelquihue;
site URL: http://www.nelquihue.org.ar/ (I'm not sure this will be the site's URL, but let's leave it like that)

Step 2
Yes, I want to use server technology
Selected PHP MySql

Step 3
Edit and test locally, my server is on this computer.
Store files in: C:\nelquihue\

Step 4
root of my site: http://localhost/ (I really don't know if this config is correct...what are you supposed to put here?) I pressed the Test button and everything is fine...apparently.

Step 5
No, I don't use a remote server.
(Just to get things simple...I want this to get on going just in my PC)

Ok. Then I created a new php file, went to Window-Databases. Steps 1 to 3 were checked, so I tried to add a MySQL Connection.  

Connection Name: connNelquihue
MySQL Server: localhost
UserName: mysqlusername
Password: mysqlpassword

When I press the Select (database) button I get the following message: "An unidentified error occurred". What the hell is this ???

I would like to mention one thing, which I believe is wrong. I installed the MyODBC driver, but when I go to the xampp control panel, and press the Admin button for MySql there are some weird things happening in the windows that is shown. For example, every textbox is empty (Server Info, Host Info, etc.) and in the main listbox titled MyODBC I get this:

Not found

Driver Version
Driver c:\windows\system32\myodbc3.dll
API Level
Setup Driver c:\windows\system32\myodbc3S.dll
SQL Level

I know this is wrong and is related to ODBC installation...

However, I'm not sure what this has to do with the error I get in Dreamweaver. Something else to mention is that, don't ask me why, but sometimes I get past this (unidentified) error, get the testing connection dialog box and then get another error "http error 400" or something alike, or sometimes I get another one like "Server timeout. 1) check server is running; 2) check ODBC DSN was created".

Well, I keep on getting any of these three error messages....any ideas? I'm just tired of trying to make this work. Need your guru help!

thanx in advance,
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1 Solution
The odbc install won't isn't the problem. Open Database Connections are used for direct db2db connections from windows machines. Dreamweaver connects to the database like a browser does on port 80. Using ODBC connections for PHP/MySQL in Dreamweaver isn't supported.

These errors are usually based on user/permission/host issues with mysql users. You want to ensure that you've created a user with necessary permissions and access via host 'localhost' to the database created for the site. Otherwise, just for testing purposes, give dreamweaver your root username/pass.

Go back to the MySQL site download page and grab MySQL Administrator. This GUI app will make life easier for taking care of the db administration tasks. Test your installation with these instructions: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/windows-testing.html

The last thing you want to check is that IIS is configured properly for your PHP installation (you did install php too yes?) and that your C:\nelquihue\ directory is set up as a virtual folder in IIS admin. Give the folder an alias so that it resolves to http://localhost/myNewSite where 'myNewSite' is the alias given. Otherwise copy your testing site files to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\'myNewSite' and set that folder up as the testing server's dir; then use C:\nelquihue\ as the local mirror of the site.
pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
Ok. I always tried using localhost and my root username/password. This never worked, so the problem is not there. I'm certain those are correct.
The next thing is that xampp installs Apache, not IIS...I would appreciate you could tell me how to do what you told me, but this time for Apache.

thanx, paul.
pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
The one error I keep on getting now is:

A server timeout has occurred. Here are the possible reasons:
1) Please make sure that the server is up and running.
2) Please verify that the ODBC DSN exists on the existing server.

Apache and MySQL ARE running. I go to the ODBC control panel and check that the User DSN I created is fine. What's going on?
pin_plunderAuthor Commented:
It seems this guys were having the same problems, look at this thread, it could help explain what is happening to me. It's not exactly the same, but more or less.


I would also recommend you download the xampp package. It's very easy to install/uninstall.
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