Effects on Exchange 2003 when Adding 64 Bit W2K3 DC to W2K3 32 AD

There are two Exchange 2003 servers in a native 32 bit W2K3 domain. Want to add a 64 bit dedicated DC into the domain.  A warnig was presented during the dcpromo of the 64 bit W2K3 server   It stated that adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep needs to be run prior to joining the domain.

Does anyone know of any adverse effects on exchange 2003 after the 64 bit adprep /forestprep and /domainprep have been completed?

Do you think it is ok to add a 64bit dedicated domain controller to a 32 bit AD domain.?

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Is this an R2 release of Windows that you are adding? The Schema update may have more to do with R2 than x64.

Interesting to note:

i haven't heard of any adverse effects. the DC components of w2k3 should be exactly the same in 32bit and 64bit - i think that's sort of the point of having an all windows environment (everything talks to everything else). the issue you probably will run into, though, is that the exchange tabs will not be available in the AD users and computers snapin on the newly promo'd servers. i think there's a simple way to update the snapins to show exchange info, but i'm not sure of what that is - it's been a while for me.
yes it should work fine, we have recently been doing some tests with x64 and have not found a single problem!


Dave J
you will need to extend the schema, and some software wont install on x64 right now. WSUS will not work on a x64 server. you can get updates but it can not be the update server
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