Sound Issues

Wierd Problem on Windows 2000:

When I play a Video using VLC (Maybe others too ?) on this Computer, sound stops playing in the middle of the Video at an apperantly random point.
Sound works fine over a long period of time when playing music (winamp) BUT when the sound stopping problem has accoured once,
sound only works again after the computer is restarted (All sound, including music playback).

I wasn't sure about the category, but it's not a problem with the speakers (Why would they work again when the computer restarts ? + multiple ones were tried) so it's probably a software problem, thats why I posted the Question here. It could also be a problem with the soundcard (on board), but that sounds unlikely to me, since it doesn't accour when music is playing with winamp. Going to be trying a bootable linux distribution (MoviX) probably tommorow, but I haven't had the time yet.

Hope someone knows the problem and can help ! :)

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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are you running the video from? a DVD or CD? Maybe the media or drive isn't too good. Make sure DMA is on (for the optical drive as well as for the HD). Also make sure there isn't too much running in the background on that PC, that there is enough free space on the HD, it is defragged, The pagefiles is set to one specific size (not set for the OS to decide, and min size should = max size, rule of thumb 1.5 Times RAM). Also make sure you have enough RAM (256MB +).
ps15Author Commented:
It's running from hd. haven't checked DMA, pagefile ist set to 1.5 RAM, ram is 256MB ...

Why could it kill all sound if the media is to slow ?
I've had issues where when something uses too many PC resources, sound can get corrupted, and that seems to unload the sound driver or corrupts the driver that is loaded in ram. After that it can't recover. Sometimes a better driver may help, but these often aren't available. So if you can reduce the load on the PC it might run through. If the disks aren't running in dma mode that will also use up more resources.
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ps15Author Commented:
I can check it tonight, thanks for the great advice !
ps15Author Commented:
Cool, worked like a charm, never thought it would be something like this =)
Thanks again
your welcome
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