User getting booted off the network...

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Using Windows 2003 Server, XP Pro SP2 Dell, default group policy [I am hoping at least]

"My system was great Monday (no problems).  I was kicked off on Thursday at 6:15 and kicked off Friday at 5:00.  On Friday the error came up    “Checking for Number of hours …..sorry didn’t get the rest of this and Bnormal program termination:  Memory protection fault.  CS: eip=000fh: 0005c608h

All users have 24x7 access rights.

thanks in advance

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Hi RSchierer  are using a router? Can you log onto the router and check its logs?
Check your events in control panel administrative tools applications.

Also try running the cmd from start run type in cmd press enter then type in  netstat press enter
You could try the cmd: ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
reboot all machines.

Check everyone internet settings have not changed and that all are set to auto detect settings, and internet explorer settings are at default.
run a disc clean up on all. If the temporary internet files have become clogged cleaning these history etc can help.
Update drivers check cables are ok.
As it could be so many small things here is a very good troubleshoot internet connections for windows 2003 server.

How to troubleshoot client RPC over HTTP connection issues in Outlook 2003

How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption

How to remove and reinstall TCP/IP on a Windows Server 2003 domain controller;en-us;325356

How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption PDF

Please perform the usual spyware scans virus scans, when thing sjust happen out of the blue the mosr cause is spyware and over bloated temp files or outdated drivers.
Norton system works can have a large % of being at fault too.

To check if you have any spyware
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1

Open Hijackthis, click  scan and save a logfile
then navigate to programfiles hijackthis folder and copy out the log file
 contents and paste the log here 

 click "Analyse", "Save". at the very bottom of this page..  
Copy the address/url and post a link to the saved list here.

Hope this covers your situation. Have a speedy return. :)
Cheers Merete
please explain what you mean by kicked off? blue screen? couldnt log onto network?

RSchiererAuthor Commented:
To answer 'myfootsmells' response first...

When the user gets 'kicked' out of the application it means that:

1. First she is using Windows XP Pro SP2 Dell Dimension 3000 series workstation running an old DOS FOXPRO application on a Windows 2003 server that is local to the office.

2. When she is in the application entering data, the application will freeze [no known reason why]. Mouse and keyboard will not do anything.

3. After about 30 seconds, the FOXPRO application will close by itself and the Windows desktop appears. She is able to use her Windows applications without issue.

4. But if she tries to go back into the FOXPRO application nothing happens... meaning she double-clicks on the icon and it won't open. For it to open again, she has to reboot her PC. Then she can resume using the FOXPRO application.

5. Lastly, this only happens around 6:30PM. As she only works late on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, these are the only nights that the problem is noticed.

The server also has an unresolved issue where on late Monday/early Tuesday morning, the server will lock up and needs to be rebooted. I can see nothing in the logs that might point to a problem.

And finally to 'merete', I award you the points for supplying a lot of information for me to review.

Cheers Mate! and thanks again to both of you!

Thank you Rich gee what an odd problem, the fact it is only at 6.30 pm.
 you should try running  this "DOS" app using a different compatability.
From what I have read it is either a memory issue or a compatibilty issue.
I've heard that the memory manager that Fox used for the older versions of windows conflicts with current Microsoft thinking?
Patch available here.

There is a an ebook available here.
Painless Legacy FoxPro Applications on Modern Networks (ebook only)

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