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Dear All,

i have here a request from my supervisor.

he asked me to Put a group of Excel files & Word Documents on folder, and give access to this folder only to specifc group of users.

i did this and all the other users are unable to access iy.

but he asked me one critical questions, which is :-

he wants only those users to be unable to move the file from the shared folder using copy & past it in there PC at all, and he want also to disable the SAVE AS or SAVE for them, so they will be able only to access and see these files only without any Problems and without any modotifications.

please help

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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It can be done but to the best of my knowledge not with existing ntfs permissions - you need to be running additional software to assist ie 2003 server - rights management will work with various office documents.
Windows 2003 - Rights Management Services with Service Pack 1 Now Available
Safeguard sensitive information. Applications such as word processors, e-mail clients, and line-of-business applications can be RMS-enabled to help safeguard sensitive information. Information workers can choose from a variety of usage rights to define exactly how the recipient can use the information and for how long. Users can define who can open, modify, print, forward and/or take other actions with the information. Organizations can create custom usage policy templates such as "confidential - read only" that can be applied directly to the information.
Naser GabajE&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
Greetings rolamohammed,

This is seems duplicated Question, you should post only one and then use pointer to point to it:

Anyway, your request seems can't be done as this will affect even their files located in their machines, read this for more info:


And regarding the other part of the question, you need to set the permission to read only and deny write/modify.

Good Luck!

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