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Mathcad 12 simple problem


I just installed Mathcad 12 for some simple timming pulley calculations. I get the software to be stuck in some wierd calculation loop that seem to take forever when I use PI (Greek letter) constant.

If I redifine the PI value myself I get a warning from Mathcad ("This expression redefines a Mathcad built-in constant") but the calculation gets done.


a := sin(PI)

a =

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in adavance for all the help.

Manuel Silva
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you do realize that Sin(Pi) = 0?

intercadAuthor Commented:
Is that a reason for the software to freeze?
"Am I doing something wrong?"


When I repeated your example I had no trouble whatsoever. MathCad reported a = 0.

Now what is your provlem. A good guess is that some place you divided by 0 because, as Arthur_Wood sreported sin (pi) = 0. When you redefined pi you probably did not do it to the 15 decimal places that MathCad uses so that sin( your pi) was not quite 0.

There are a number of other consideration. Were you asking for a numerical calculation? Were you asking for a symbolic calculation? How complicated was your expression?

If the above does not answer your question give me more details or send me the complete MathCad program and I will try to run it on my machine. (assuming that your problem will translate to MathCad 8.)
intercadAuthor Commented:
The problem must have something to do with Mathcad 12 installation. I tested the above example in Mathcad 13 and it returned a = 0 as expected.

About the former problem. There were no divisions by zero. The above above example were the only expressions on the worksheet. I was asking for a numerical calculation. When I redefined PI value I got a result as precise as the PI value aproximation suplied. I got a = 0.

Thanks for your cooperation. I split the points between you two.

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