I'm trying to connect to a Java application,
it works in my fla document when I press ctrl+Enter.
I put the HTML document with the SWF file on a free server on the internet,
but then it refuses to connect.

socket.connect(, 10000);

Why ? What do I need to do ?
Thank you.
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Ramy_atefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if your code is right, then there is a big chance that free server provider is blocking the port you are using 10000
check with them if there are any avaliable ports you can use.

BuffonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before blaming the hosting company, which can be true, there are other things to fix. I see that you connect to some static IP. The problem here that flash sand box will block such connection due to default setting which will block all connection that not to local server, for example if you put your flash on site www.freehosting.com then you can initiate connections only to this host, and not even not to subdomain of it, like subdomain.freehosting.com. You can overcome this behaviour by using policy file:

matthew016Author Commented:
Thank you
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