Generating a barcode for print


I am writing a program and i need to print labels with a barcode on it.

I was hoping to use the UPC-A barcode type as they are currently using that with a similar program.

I know i need a barcode font, but correct me if i am wrong, but dont you need to generate a start, stop and check digit to be added to the barcode? how would i go about this if so?


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The start and stop bars are part of the font.  The check digit needs to be calculated by you.  Try this link for method of calculation:-
why don't you use this's very good one

bryanfordAuthor Commented:
Thanks, i wasnt aware that the start and stop were in the font (should read the bloody manual i guess :p )

I did a search for check digit calculation source code and found this. It seems to work OK:

Public Function calcModulus10(ByVal sNumber As String) As Integer
Dim tmpTotal As Integer
Dim i As Integer, f As Byte, tmpStr As String
Dim mdNums() As Integer
For i = 1 To Len(sNumber)
  f = f + 1
  If f = 2 Then
    tmpStr = CInt(Mid$(sNumber, i, 1)) * 2
    If Len(tmpStr) > 1 Then
      tmpTotal = tmpTotal + CInt(Mid$(tmpStr, 1, 1)) + CInt(Mid$(tmpStr, 2, 1))
      tmpTotal = tmpTotal + CInt(tmpStr)
    End If
    tmpStr = ""
    f = 0
    tmpTotal = tmpTotal + CInt(Mid$(sNumber, i, 1))
  End If
Next i
If Right$(CStr(tmpTotal), 1) = "0" Then
  tmpTotal = 0
  tmpTotal = ((tmpTotal + 10) - CInt(Right$(CStr(tmpTotal), _
1))) - tmpTotal
End If
calcModulus10 = tmpTotal
End Function

Thanks again
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