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GUI design program

I am new to java and would like to make some nice GUI based apps. I have done some command line based stuff but would like to do GUI stuff instead.
Problem is I find at the moment for this to be a little complicated. I have seen visual basic and like the idea of dragging and dropping frames and input boxes onto the screen. Is there anything nice and simple which is sort of like this?
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develope your swing apps with IDEs that have GUI designer
like NetBeans
or JBuilder

also search these terms on google: java + gui + designer
you'll find several free projects written for this purpose
>>develope your swing apps with IDEs that have GUI designer

I personally *wouldn't* do that. It won't help you to learn layout managers which you need to learn or you won't have a clue what's going on. In fact a lot of IDEs positively  *discourage* you from learning by using proprietary and unportable cartesian coordinate based layouts.

By all means use an IDE when you know how all the main layouts work
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jdav3579Author Commented:
Hi, I agree with CEHJ that IDE's probably are not the best way to go. I downloaded and ran netbeans, it was just what I was looking for - sort of! I was hoping that I could try it out and see the code that it generates and how I could take user input and do stuff with it. Unfortunately, the code was too hard for me to understand...
I will out a few of everyones suggestions and see if I can figure out how the GUI stuff works from any of the. Thanks to all for your contributions.
try out eclipse with its cloudgarden plugin - nice

google them to find them
Without an ide you're not going to get the functionalaity you liked from VB. Generally all generated code is not going to be the clearest, but a good gui designer should negate the need for using the generated code directly.
If you just want it to learn by example, then you're better off getting some simple example programs and having a look at them. Theres lots of example code out there, such as at:


A good gui designer will abstract away much of the intricacies for you, while still giving you the full power of what Swing offers. Allowing you to modify your gui graphically instead of having to write the code directly.

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